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Showroom + Gallery Locations

  • Virgil Ortiz Showroom
    150 W. Marcy St., Suite 103

    Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501
    p: 424.259.1685

  • King Galleries
    7100 Main St., #4
    Los Angeles, CA 90027

    p: 480.481.0187

  • Virgil Ortiz Studio
    Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico 87072

    By Appointment Only
    p: 505.465.0258



7 thoughts on “Image Gallery

  1. Hi Virgil! I just want to say how much I love your artwork. I can’t believe I’ve found an artist that can really see the way I feel about the Native culture. I am Native, Chumash Indian. I really feel like it is really important to fuse together the future and the ancestry. Wow you are truly unique. Love love love your work!

  2. Your very inspiring. I saw two of your pieces at the Denver Art museum. I fell in love with them. Thank you for sharing “you”.

  3. saw the new Tshirts from the Sante Fe Indian Market, they are so beautiful would like to know when they are available, as I have a real obsession with your tshirts. LOVE

  4. hi there, mr. ortiz- without question you are a man of astonishing talent and business acumen.. its stunning to see how far one can go with what must be a singular artistic talent and vision as you clearly have, as well as this brilliant expansive world of objects de art that, i pray, you sell. your website ALONE is beyond compelling.
    am writing to laud you and relay how much i marvel at your work, but also because i simply CANNOT seem to be able to find a way to purchase your vessels & other figurative works, as seen on your website here.

    how can one do that, please? i especially love the simple vessels with the black geometric designs; your stunning male figurative works; and your more masculine clay/(?) ceramic artworks. is there a way to learn where i can go to purchase SOMETHING?

    warmest regards!!!!!!!

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