Virgil Ortiz | Made in Native America®



Showroom + Gallery Locations

  • Virgil Ortiz Showroom
    150 W. Marcy St., Suite 103

    Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501
    p: 424.259.1685

  • King Galleries
    7100 Main St., #4
    Los Angeles, CA 90027

    p: 480.481.0187

  • Virgil Ortiz Studio
    Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico 87072

    By Appointment Only
    p: 505.465.0258



3 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Your very inspiring. I saw two of your pieces at the Denver Art museum. I fell in love with them. Thank you for sharing “you”.

  2. hi there, mr. ortiz- without question you are a man of astonishing talent and business acumen.. its stunning to see how far one can go with what must be a singular artistic talent and vision as you clearly have, as well as this brilliant expansive world of objects de art that, i pray, you sell. your website ALONE is beyond compelling.
    am writing to laud you and relay how much i marvel at your work, but also because i simply CANNOT seem to be able to find a way to purchase your vessels & other figurative works, as seen on your website here.

    how can one do that, please? i especially love the simple vessels with the black geometric designs; your stunning male figurative works; and your more masculine clay/(?) ceramic artworks. is there a way to learn where i can go to purchase SOMETHING?

    warmest regards!!!!!!!

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