516 Arts

516 ARTS presents From the Ground Up: Design Here + Now, showcasing contemporary work by established and emerging designers and architects. The exhibition features both built and speculative projects. Varying widely in scale, the work demonstrates shared interests in innovation, experience, material, form and function.


“I continue to find inspiration in my retelling of the Pueblo Revolt of 1680 in the futuristic world of 2180. Rarely do I sketch designs on paper. I drape, fabricate and construct my visions into existence. The various garments I create are used to define the individual characters and their personalities within my story. This installation is a visual experience beyond the clay and fashion I have created in the past. It is a unique opportunity to step into the process of how the characters I create are brought to life through my photography and digital art.” – Virgil Ortiz


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1. Jai | Aeronaut™ | Pilot of the Survivorship Armada
2. Cuda & Stu | Pilots of the Survivorship Armada
3. Stu | Aeronaut™ | Pilot of the Survivorshop Armada
4. Translator | Captain of the Spirit World Army
5. Cuda | Aeronaut™ | Pilot of the Survivorship Armada
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Limited Edition Prints (on fine art paper)
Size: 24″ x 36″
Price: $400
Call 505.242.1445