BLIND ARCHERS: Tahu’s Journey
by Virgil Ortiz


     Over the past two decades, I’ve been creating stories in clay of the 1680 Pueblo Revolt and a futuristic Pueblo Revolt of 2180. Blind Archers: Tahu’s Journey is a story that moves back and forth from the past to the future, focusing on a young Pueblo girl named Tahu. She is purposefully blinded by the invaders for her combat skills and spiritual visions. Unwilling to accept this unjust punishment, she acuminates her skills with a bow & arrow and enlists an army of Blind Archers. Tahu, a humble Pueblo girl with immensity thrust upon her, yet she ceaselessly combats the enemy. She becomes a Pueblo “superhero” and call forth her warriors to the increasing terror of her opposition…”Seek The Truth. Defeat Your Fear!”



     This story was inspired by the Pueblo women, including my late mother, who would share their stories of the past as lesson for the future. They instructed us to face adversity with a positive outlook. This belief of the grandmothers has endured despite nearly 300 years of intimidation imposed on the Pueblo people. Yet we have endured. It was the women who help pass down our culture, history and taught us how to overcome our fears, both real and imagined. My mother would often say, “If it wasn’t for the women, a lot of our traditions and ceremonies would be forgotten.”



     Blind Archers is a story about survival. It’s about hope, courage, determination, and gratitude. It’s about overcoming challenges and regaining strength. It is from this place of self-worth and empowerment that we can see the world as a place where we can freely express who we are and surround ourselves with people whom we share mutual honor and respect. It is inspired by women, and is also a reminder of how each of us can overcome fear by seeking the truth.



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