Virgil Ortiz | Kade, Cacique of the Horsemen Tribe


Kade, Cacique of the Horsemen Tribe

Kade, Cacique of the Horsemen Tribe

The Pueblo Revolt of 1680 is an extraordinary event that most Americans know very little about unless they live in certain areas of the Southwest. How could such a major event disappear from the American historical consciousness yet find recognition elsewhere in the world? For nearly two decades, Ortiz has sought a way to tell this story through his artwork and simultaneously make it more relevant and engaging to the next generation by blending this historic event with sci-fi fantasy. The revelations, impact, and significance of the revolt whisper through the background of the various mediums he utilizes and speeds forward through time to an imagined future set in 2180.






Kade’s story:

The Pueblos are in chaos. Invasions
on the Natives continue. War rages everywhere. It is a time of revolution and covert operations. It is 2180.


After learning their leader Po’Pay has escaped from confinement, Tahu and the Blind Archers, their kindred of tribes, Translator, Kade, Devin and the herds prepare for what lies ahead – joining their armies side-by-side to deliberate and execute his plan what is known as the 1680 Pueblo Revolt.


Kade, joins Devin and the herds to aid Tahu in confronting the invading Castilian Army and their fiendish bots: Dogs of War. Translator orders a state of alert to Tahu and the Blind Archers to prepare for the massive crusade against the invading forces.

to be continued



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