Virgil Ortiz | REVOLT 1680/2180 SERIES: I


REVOLT 1680/2180 SERIES: I

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REVOLT 1680/2180 SERIES: I


Archival Print on Fuji Crystal Paper
Luster printed with Ultra Chrome Ink
Complimentary US Shipping




For the past 15 years, Ortiz has sought a way to tell the story of the 1680 Pueblo Revolt through his artwork and simultaneously make it more relevant and engaging to the next generation by using contemporary art to blend historic events with sci-fi fantasy – think Star Wars, Prometheus, The Avengers and Justice League. His material choices and techniques draw from the past, while his imagery is both ultramodern and futuristic.


Ortiz’s revolt storyline transports the viewer back more than three hundred years to the historical events of the 1680 Pueblo Revolt and then hurtles forward through time to the year of 2180, introducing a cast of characters along the way.



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